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There are thousands of video downloading apps for Android. Some have one specific feature while others have some different feature. Sadly, no one has got all of the best features. Or, do they? VidMate app is a popular video downloading app that contains all of the finest features that have been moulded into this single app. There is so much that is fascinating about VidMate. It may be a small sized app, but there is so much to it. Some may say that it is just a video downloading app, but trust me, it is far more than that. To some it is a web browser, while to others it is a complete video downloading app. Speaking vaguely, VidMate app allows users to download online videos for free from YouTube. Those of you who are more into online video downloading, well, this app can download any video that one may come across online. VidMate download is free and users can do it easily.

It is a really fast app that is highly responsive. This means that it runs well on every single device. This also means that there are no bugs or anything that eventually slow down devices. VidMate app is free from bloatwares as well. Software bloats refer to the extensive parts of the program / app that cause unnecessary lags and stuff. If you are a Game of Thrones fan then you can easily download the entire series with just a tap. That’s not all as you can download television series and movies for absolutely free. The videos can be downloaded in 720p quality and can also be played using the internal / embedded video player. The process of downloading videos is very easy with VidMate. You can either share the videos that you come across to VidMate app. This will start the downloading process. VidMate download is free so, download the app online for free.

VidMate for Smartphones and Tablets

This app has been designed for smartphones and tablets. Since it was first released on Android, people loved it to the core. There was an entirely new interface to look at, there were so many things to do and the list was endless. You can literally set the home-screen to a webpage of your choice. Just like web browsers, VidMate app too has a lot of similarities. Its web browser has a data compression technology that makes web pages load up a lot quicker and the app run smoothly. This also makes the videos download easily and quickly. There is a lot more to VidMate than just a pretty interface or some features. You can select from more than twenty different websites to choose from as the app loads up.

VidMate download is absolutely free to perform and to use. It is lightning fast and highly responsive. As mentioned a number of times, there are practically no bloatwares in this app. Thus, download this amazing app today and either browse the web or download videos for free.

Vidmate Download

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