How to download videos from YouTube using VidMate App

Currently YouTube is the largest  free video streaming platform on earth you can find millions and millions of movies, TV shows, music videos, lyrical videos, online lectures, vlogs and much more, But there are two major drawbacks of the application the first is you need an active internet connection and 2nd  the Ads on YouTube. one can easily overcome these difficulties by just downloading the video from YouTube, But the problem is YouTube API(application programming interface ) won’t allow you to simply download any video although you can save them offline on  temporary basis every time you play them, there is a high probability that you’ll see an Ads even without an active internet. Continue reading

VidMate Alternatives | Apps to Download Youtube Videos Online Free!

Best Apps to Download Youtube Videos for Free! – Vidmate Alternatives

YouTube videos are considered as the best source of entrainment there are billions and billions of videos over this video streaming website/ app, A survey once proved that you need eleven thousand years of watch time to watch ever video present on YouTube. We all have our own favorite YouTubers we admire and appreciate their work and content regularly sometimes we just want to  download their videos to watch them whenever we want but all you can do is save it offline on the application which you have to update it every 28 day or 30 days because only an instance of any video gets  is created on your device, It’s because the YouTube is very much serious about copyright infringement and  copyright issues. Continue reading

VidMate v2.21 – Download Vidmate App

VidMate v2.22

vidmate apk

Do you guys want to download videos from YouTube for free? Are you guy fed up with impostor apps and websites that are filled with viruses? Do you want to get an amazing app that is free and does your work? Fear not, because VidMate is the perfect app for you. Download VidMate v2.22 today if you want an app that allows users to download online videos for free. VidMate is a free to use online video downloading app that lets users download all the videos for free. It does not matter whether the videos are from YouTube or from Facebook, as with VidMate, users will be able to download them for free. Continue reading

VidMate v2.47 – Vidmate APK Download

VidMate v2.47

vidmate apk

VidMate, as most of the people already know, is a wonderful app. It is the most famous video downloading app for Android devices. More than 100 million people use it daily and the numbers keep on rising. The app is very light and smooth on the smartphone. It is absolutely free to use / download. Unlike Netflix and any other video on demand service, VidMate does not include any fee or subscription. Thus, you will be able to use this wonderful app sans any payment. It allows users to download online videos from YouTube, Metacafe and many other websites for free. The interface is user-friendly and also free from bugs. Download VidMate v2.47 for your smartphones and tablets today for free. Continue reading

VidMate v2.18 – Vidmate App Download

VidMate v2.18 Download

vidmate apk

The internet is a storehouse for movies, shows and much more. Sadly, not all of them can be streamed or downloaded for free. Or, can they? Well, VidMate is to your rescue. VidMate is a free to use video downloading app that allows free video downloading from all over the web. Be it YouTube or any other website, videos can be downloaded for free with VidMate. It can download online videos from almost every website for free. These videos can be downloaded in high definition quality (up to 720p) for free. Thus, this feature loaded app can be downloaded on all Android devices for free. There are so many wonderful features of this app. Download VidMate online for free today. Continue reading

VidMate v2.20 – Vidmate App Download

VidMate v2.20 Download

vidmate apk

VidMate v2.20 is one of the highest used video downloading apps of the time. It has topped the app charts at the time of its release, and it is still going strong. Although it was released a few years back, it has still managed to be the best video downloading app out there. VidMate is not only a video downloading app, it is way more than that. It not only allows users to download online videos, but users can also stream movies and shows for free. Thus, you will get all the latest movies, shows, cartoons and much more straight on your smartphones. Thus, VidMate has access to all the latest movies and shows (right when they are released). Download VidMate v2.20 today for free. Continue reading

VidMate V3.15 – Vidmate APK

VidMate v3.15 Download

vidmate apk

There has been so much evolution in the field of technology. Earlier, there were telegraph machines and today, we have touch screen phones. Earlier, it was so difficult to get photographs clicked and printed, but today, we can click millions of photos on our smartphones. VidMate is the prefect app for online video downloading. Times truly have changed (for good). There has been a substantial rise in the field of tech since the last lustrum. Almost everything has become wireless around us. Today, there is no need for spending hours sitting in front of televisions as we have smartphones in our pockets. Watching online videos is a great experience and VidMate is the perfect app for video downloading. Continue reading

VidMate V2.25 – Download Vidmate Best Video Downloader!

VidMate v2.25 Download

vidmate apk

The internet is full of so many videos from different genres. These videos range from different types to different genres. There are over a million websites that stream online videos, either for free or for a certain fee. YouTube is one such popular website that contains hours and hours of videos that have been uploaded over the course of time (since its inception back in 2005). Sadly, all those videos cannot be downloaded, until now. Today, we have VidMate at our disposal. VidMate is a video downloading app that downloads online videos for free. It does not charge even a single penny and even HD quality videos can be downloaded with it. Download VidMate online for free today. Continue reading

VidMate V3.45 – Download Vidmate APK

VidMate v3.45 Download

vidmate apk

The Android ecosystem is vast. There are over a hundred million apps out there, both free and premium. Approximately, more than 70% of the smartphone users are on Android. There are so many reasons for this – stability, reliability and open-source nature. When it comes to apps, there are so many apps out there. Out of all those apps, one app that shines above all is VidMate. VidMate app can be downloaded for Android for free. It is a video streaming / downloading app that is available for free download. It is light, spontaneous and safe to use and because of this, more than a hundred million people use this app. Download VidMate online for free. Continue reading

VidMate V2.29 – Download Vidmate App

VidMate V2.29

vidmate apk

Everybody has fast internet access in their hands today. There is high-speed 4G LTE along with Wi-Fi connectivity that can go up to 1Gbps! With so much download speed in our hands, it will be a sin not to download stuff from the internet. What better way to download anything than downloading online videos. VidMate is a free to use app that comes in real handy. It is the one stop for all the online video downloading and streaming (for free). It does not charge even a single penny and allows you to download all of the online videos for free. Download VidMate app for free.

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