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Vidmate APP –  Fast and easily download YouTube music and HD videos

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Name VidMate
Latest Version 3.39
Updated On 21st January, 2019
Size 6.79 MB
Total Downloads 500 million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.2+
Developer Vidmate Studio

Last Updated:21st January, 2019

FREE Download Vidmate APK [Latest Update v3.39:21st January, 2019]:

VidMate app is android application available for Android and PC ,which let’s you to download videos from various sites. You can also watch latest HD movies and series, watch live TV, download latest songs, etc.

Vidmate APK : We live in a world where we are surrounded by Internet. Today, internet has become the source of almost everything, talk about any field and you will need the internet as a helping hand and not just a helping hand it has now become a necessary evil. Those days are gone when computer science was considered a different field, it doesn’t matter whether you are studying science or arts whether you want to become a scientist  or a poet, at some point each and everyone needs a computer and more importantly the internet. Since the born of Internet  it has affected many lives (for the good). Human beings have able to achieve things that seemed impossible then. Internet has given a boost to every field and according to me the most affected field is the field of technology.

install vidmate apk

Vidmate APK : Now talking about the 21st century the technological giants such as Google Microsoft Apple etc have taken technological advancement to a whole new level. From professional business softwares running on giant screens with multiple users to small  sized entertainment apps on your small size computers aka mobile phones. The technology companies provide business softwares such as Microsoft Office which is widely used across the globe. The reason for which the internet is most widely used is for the entertainment purposes. When one is lying on their beds in there leisure time the most common time pass activity is watching videos. The internet has had profound impact on entertainment. According to Fanton “We are witnessing the first generation to grow up digital – coming of age when the use of computers, the internet ,video games and cell phones is widespread “ . When it comes to watching videos there are numerous sources available on the internet but the renowned of them is the famous app/website YouTube. Almost all kinds of videos are available on youtube. Users love spending time watching videos on youtube and not just for entertainment purposes for educational purposes also. Across the globe video tutorial are being uploaded and watched . User need no prior knowledge to use the app but the only thing needed to watch videos on the internet is an internet connection and practically speaking a good one. Finding a good internet connection is not a very easy task specially if you are living in India. None of the users would like to see the videos buffer while they are enjoying there favourite movie or learning a programming language .Though youtube has now included a download option but you cannot download videos from youtube to your device’s physical memory. And also not all videos are easily available for download on internet. Sometime finding a download link for your favourite video can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. One such app for downloading videos from internet is Vidmate.

About Vidmate APK

Vidmate is the app that has solutions to all the video downloading problems. Vidmate App for android is an unrivalled app when it comes to downloading videos. Vidmate APK gives you access to hundreds of thousand of video content to choose from. The simple looking interface of this app makes it easier for the users to use it. It is an app that lets you download videos very easily. This small sized app of just 6 mega bits approx.It is an  app that you  need for downloading video contents from the internet. Vidmate has no limit, you can  download any number of videos and from any source. Vidmate APK lets you download videos form websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metcafe and many more multimedia websites. You  can download videos rationally from anywhere. With this app videos are downloaded and stored in sorted manner .The virtual library the user in sorting and managing the downloaded content.The videos that are downloaded are stored in a virtual library. The videos are sorted date wise for user’s ease. Vidmate provides fast and easy ways to download is one of the most recommended apps. The features of this app are very unique. The offline mode offers its user to watch the stored videos in virtual library even without internet connection. In this app you can also download apps in the background. And also multiple downloads can run in the background in vidmate which is pretty impressive. There are not many app that lets you download multiple videos and apps in the background. With vidmate you get access to variety of content. All of which is available for download with just one touch.

vidmate apk

Vidmate app has gained popularity due to one solid  reason which is that it provides versatile functionality. It helps the user in downloading not just videos but also other apps and games. Most of the video downloading app are confined to only downloading videos but install vidmate give sits users the extended functionality  of downloading not just videos but also apps and games and that too from any website. The variety dosen’t end here it also comprises of a video converter in which you can convert from one video format to another. You can download everything from within this app. Some other apps that download video form different sources needs link to download it due to which you have to switch between multiple apps which makes it lengthy process but you don’t need to worry if you are using Vidmate app everything can be done from within the app. The only thing that takes place outside the app is when you open it!!  One of the best features of this app is that the user can download video in any quality they want. If the user is downloading a video from Vidmate then he can choose the video quality in which he or she wants to download from the setting option in menu bar. If the video is available in HD format and you want to download in a lower quality format you can do it with just a few taps on your mobile screen. If you are music lover than this is the app for you. All that you need to do is browse or any available video  among over Twenty five million platforms that are set by default in the app and Vidmate will automatically download videos for you.

More about Vidmate APK

Vidmate APK is one versatile app that lets you download not just videos easily but also other apps and games form within the Vidmate app. Till date the number of downloads of  Vidmate is more than 15 million, which clearly justifies the popularity of the app.  Domain for downloading videos is not just limited to Hollywood content you can also download Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood  etc. The best part to mention after describing all the cool attributes of the app is that you can do all the aforementioned things for FREE!! Yes you read that right for free. This is what makes it more amazing for the users to use it freely all its feature without the fear of  getting billed after every month. There are thousands of apps available in the marketplace that charge a hefty amount to the user to avail this feature. Vidmate outnumbers the feature list of any other app of its kind. Vidmate is available not only for android phones but also for PC’s. it is available for download in Android, IOS, PC,Windows,BBM. The creators of this app rated this as the app with fastest download speed. The interface of Vidmate app is very user friendly. The user may not need to google anything for using it. Even a luddite can use it with ease. The apk file is easily available for the users to download Vidmate app. This app can be downloaded easily across all platforms .you just need download the correct file for right platform. Sometimes people do not trust apps from outside sources but after reading this article it will be like myth buster. Vidmate is a very secure app.

Vidmate APK Features

Vidmate app comes loaded with features. There are all features in this app that the user needs for swift downloading  of videos apps and games for android PC Windows IOS and BBM. As aforementioned vidmate lets you download  for free and the download speed that is being offered for  almost every download is phenomenal . Similar app or tools scuffle to come even near the services of this app. Not all the apps till date offer such range of features as Vidmate app. The more appropriate term to describe Install Vidmate APK would  be UTILITARIAN. As the word suggest this simple looking app gives you the most formidable user experience and is a all-in-one tool across all platforms. Many apps with similar features have very complex interface which makes it difficult for the user to us the app. Here is a list of features of Vidmate app-

  • Unlimited full movies download: The user can download unlimited videos . It provides downloading of movies from almost any source available . The user can browse through millions of videos and movies available  and download the one of their liking. It covers all the genres of movies available. You can download all your content in HD format. You can find Hollywood, bollywood and even videos through this app for downloading.
  • Virtual library: Vidmate APK comes with a virtual library that helps you keep downloaded content safe. It is one of the most the most striking features of vidmate. Virtual library acts as assistant to the  users. It sorts the downloaded content date wise which makes it easy for the user to browse through its archived data. The virtual library  manages the downloaded videos so that the user without any worry can download ample amount of data.
  • Adjust video quality: One of  the eye catching features in terms of practical usage of the app, Vidmate APK offers the opportunity to provide users with an option for downloading videos in the quality of their choice. Suppose a video is available in HD format in Metacafe and the user want to save memory on his/her device then the user can set the quality before downloading the video in which he wants to download. It is one of the most unique feature of this app. In this the user can  not only download videos but also can adjust its quality.
  • All platform support: The user need not to have a android device for using this power packed app. It is another very serviceable feature of Vidmate that it is supported by all the platforms. It is not only downloaded  across the globe but also across all platforms such as  Android , PC, Windows ,IOS,Blackberry. The developers made sure that this app can be used on all formats present. The commendable thing about this is that apart from support it runs as swiftly as android on any of the aforementioned platforms. Most of the apps or softwares that are supported by multi-platform are seen to be deficient in running on all platforms but as stated earlier that is not the case with Vidmate APK.
  • User friendly interface: Vidmate comes with simple interface for the users to use the app in a efficient manner. User friendly interface is the sole requirement for engaging the users which it clearly fulfils . even the most technical features are presented in such a manner that the user will face no difficulty while using it in the app. The interface is easy and simple across all formats. Just a slight difference in interface but not in the functions. The apps with user friendly environment are seen to have higher success rate than the app with complex interface. The interface of any app is very important.
  • Recommendations: Vidmate 2019 not only lets you download and store videos but it aslo acts as a guiding mate an keeps track of all your interests. It keeps track of what kind of videos you download and shows in a recommendation columns the list of related videos that the user might like to download. It enhances the user experience. Download Vidmate is not only a powerful app but a smart one too. Recommendations shows you the videos you might enjoy watching so it makes your browsing part a little less hectic.
  • Multitasking: In todays pacy world no one can just focus on a single task. Just like our computer processors with multiple threads performing multiple task in a single unit of time. So why not our apps!!YES, Vidmate is one such app that perfoms  multitasking . when the user downloads the videos it starts downloading in the background the user does not have to wait for the download to get over to continue using the app. It automatically manages the downloads in the background. This is an excellent feature in this app. You can also pause or resume downloads as per your choice . another smart feature supported by this app is that if the internet connection is lost the downloads are automatically paused the user wont loose any data  and the downloads will resume automatically when the internet is connected again. Vidmate ensures that there must be download stability which is another tremendous feature of this app. And also vidmate supports multiple background download. It is a rare feature that can  be found in such apps. It provides steady downloads due to which there is less chance of data loss during download.
  • Live TV: Not all video downloading apps provide live Tv is another rare feature that vidmate provides for its users. You don’t need to google for live streaming links to watch your favourite sport or live music shows. Wanna watch live TV vidmate is here for you. It has wide range of live tv shows that the user can choose from and enjoy streaming. It has a variety of over 200 different tv shows from which you can pick your favourite one and start watching live.
  • Offline mode: Another cool feature which is similar to the all time famous video app –YouTube. This feature allows you to download a video and save for watch later . if you are busy and want to save a video for watching it later this the app for you. You don’t even need an internet connection to watch the video that you saved for later. You  can browse all your downloded and saved videos in the offline mode .
  • Vidmate as a video converter: This feature allows you to convert videos from one format to another. This attribute of Vidmate app makes it more compatible with devices. It doesent matter what type of  device you are using for installation of the app. If the downloaded video format is not compatible with your device’s media player you can simply convert it into the one which is compatible with your device.

It lets you the choose the format of the video before downloading it. It supports almost every format. It supports multiple video formats such as .mkv .mp4 .cks .ipa .cod .apk and many more.

Concluding with the features of this amazing multitasking app I would like close by mentioning that if you love watching videos in your free time then this is the app for you. Download videos in only click or save them for watching later .Just download this app and enjoy its astonishing features for FREE!! If you need help in downloading this app or its apk file refer to the section of this article below. We have provided every possible piece of information that is required to download this app.

Vidmate Download

download vidmate

How to Install & Download Vidmate APK

It is one of those apps that is very to download besides the fact that it is not available on google play store. The developers while creating this app made sure that the user might not face any problem in its installation process.  But as far as the downloading of this app is concerned you can read the steps illustrated below for downloading vidmate on your deivce.

Step by step installation process is being explained below-

Download Vidmate APK for Android

  1. First of all, before downloading vidmate apk app you need to go to your settings menu>select install from unknown sources and allow unknown sources.
  2. Click on Vidmate apk file from your memory location and then follow the instructions carefully to complete installation.
  3. Installation will be competed succuessfully. Thats it now your video downloaded has been installed and is ready to use.

Download Vidmate APK Here

Download VidMate APP for iOS

  • Installation in IOS devices is similar to that of android devices.
  • For installimg vidmate in your IOS based device you need to download .ipa type file of vidmate.
  • After downloading you need to go to your settings menu and turn on the I TRUST setting for other apps.
  • Then click on the .ipa file of in downloaded files folder and the installation process will begin.
  • Now your vidmate app has been installed on your iOS device, ENJOY!

Download Vidmate for iOS Here

Download and run VidMate for PC

  • You need to download .exe file on your desktop.
  • Double click the file after downloading it.
  • Installation setup will appear do as instructed in the installation manager of Vidmate.
  • Your vidmate app will be installed on your pc.

Download Vidmate for PC Here

Download and Install VidMate App for Blackberry

  • You need to download the .COD file along with its description file with .Alx or .jd extension.
  • Just tap on the cod file and installation setup will begin.
  • Download Vidmate app will be installed as soon as the setup I finished.

Download Vidmate Here

How to speed up video downloading process in VidMate

Ever imagined you can increase the download speed of videos which you download from VidMate? Yes it is possible to increase the download speed with just one click. Below we are providing a detailed step by step explanation on how you can increase the download speed upto 3 folds while downloading any media files using VidMate.

Note: The actual speed depends upon your internet/broadband connection. This is only JUST a trick which will help you fully utilise the speed on your internet connection. If you are slow on your internet connection then this trick might not work for you.

1.) Open VidMate APK on your android device and navigate to ME section which will be present at bottom right corner.

2.) Under ME section, click on the first option which is Setting

3.) Now once you are under Setting page. Navigate to Download Setting page.

4.) Now under Download Setting page, scroll down and look for Fast Download Mode option and turn it on.

5.) Once the Fast Download Mode is turned on, set it to 4. And save it.

And it’s done. Now your download speed while downloading media from VidMate app will be increased.

Some key points about VidMate APK for Android

  • Vidmate APK comes in very small sized file which is about 6 MB.
  • The android version required to download vidmate app is only android 2.2  So almost all android devices can run this app easily, as there is no compatibility issue.
  • Vidmate APP is currently the most trending app for downloading videos.
  • It is not available for download directly from Google Play Store in android phones.
  • Downloading Vidmate app is very easy irrespective of the platform and on which it is being downloaded.
  • The license of  Vidmate App is completely free the user does not need to pay for this app.
  • The Vidmate APK was found by Vidmate Studio Team.
  • The package name of this app is com.nemo.vidmate.

What’s new in Vidmate 2019?

Version – 3.39

– Crashing error fixed.

– 0 data cost feature added.

Disclaimer: VidMate is owned and licensed under GUANGZHOU TONGMO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. We are an unofficial resource website and not associated with the company or any of it’s developer(s).

Download Vidmate Here

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