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About VidMate App

VidMate app is an immensely popular video downloading app of the time. It is available for free download on Android and iOS platforms, but Windows PC users too can use it with emulators. The VidMate app was released a few years back for Android devices, but soon it became popular on other platforms as well. Download VidMate app if you want to download online videos for free. Yes, this app allows users to download online videos for free (from an array of websites). With this app, you can download videos from – Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a number of other video streaming websites. More importantly, the VidMate app also allows users to download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

It is one of the most popular features of this small sized app. Earlier, users could not download videos from Facebook and YouTube. But, with the help of VidMate app, this has become possible. Users can select video quality from a list of different video resolutions. First of all, the VidMate app is very small in size that makes it run smoothly on every device. Moreover, there are no bloatwares in this app as well. This means that it will run nicely and without lags or crashes. Download it today for free and experience it yourself.

Download Vidmate App

Download YouTube Videos with VidMate App-

You can download all of the YouTube videos with the VidMate app. Yes, VidMate and TubeMate are two of the only (safest) apps out there that let users download YouTube videos for free. Users can choose their video quality easily with VidMate. YouTube app also allows users to save certain videos offline, but it comes with a number of flaws. Firstly, there is no option that saves every single video. The video saving feature depends upon the location as well as the type of video. Moreover, the videos can be ‘saved’ at maximum 720p quality. These saved videos cannot be shared with others as well as they occupy the internal storage.

With the VidMate app, videos can be downloaded in any format (up to 1080p). These videos can also be moved to the external storage as well as shared with other people. These videos can be played on an external video player app easily. Thus, there are many reasons to use the VidMate app. Download VidMate app online for your Android, iOS and Windows device today (for free). With this app, you will be able to download online videos for free in great quality. It is safe to use and more than 50 million people use it.

Download Videos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the VidMate App-

Yes, that is absolutely correct. The VidMate app is one of the very few apps out there that allow video downloading from social networking websites. Facebook videos can be downloaded very easily with VidMate. Before this app, it was practically impossible to download videos from Facebook or Twitter. Today, with the help of the VidMate app, you can download as many videos as you want to (for free). It is a free to use app that does not charge any penny in order to let you download online videos. All you have to do is to copy the video URL and paste it inside the download bar. It automatically starts the downloading process. Download VidMate app online for your device today.

There is an embedded web browser with which you can browse the internet. You can either copy and paste the video URL or simply use the browser to access the target website. The ‘download’ option automatically pops up as soon as a video is opened. Thus, you can download any video from any website with the VidMate app. It is quite light and responsive app that does not lag. Moreover, it is free from bloatwares and viruses that make it an absolutely safe to use app. Download VidMate app online for your smartphones and tablets today.

Some Key Features of the VidMate App-

It is full of great features. All these features make it one of the best video downloading apps of the time. There is also an internal media player as well as a browser. Here are some popular features of the VidMate app-

  • You can download as many videos with VidMate APK as you want to. There is no restriction on the number of videos that one can download with this app.  Users can download online videos, movies, music and much more with VidMate app.
  • Videos can be downloaded in quality that ranges from 144p to 1080p. Videos can be downloaded from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and many more websites (for free). There is no restriction regarding the number of videos that can be downloaded from a website with VidMate app.
  • There are no viruses in this app. Moreover, there are no bloatwares and bugs as well. This makes the in-app experience great. VidMate app does not lag or crash (as mentioned earlier, a number of times). Download VidMate app in order to download online videos for free.
  • There is an embedded web browser as well as an embedded audio/video player on this app. You can access websites with this browser as well as download videos directly. With the audio/video player, you can watch online videos for free.
  • Movies and television shows can also be downloaded with this app for free. The internet is full of movies and shows can users can easily download them with the VidMate app.
  • This app works even with a mediocre internet connection. It does not require any super-fast 100 Mbps connection to download videos. A simple 3G or above connection is enough to download online videos with it. The downloaded videos can be shared, transferred to external storage and much more.
  • There is even an app market from where you will be able to download apps and games for free. It has a great collection of plenty of third-party apps (for free).
  • Download VidMate app today and be a part of the family. No need to subscribe to Netflix or any other premium service. Simply download and install this app and start downloading online videos for free.

VidMate App Interface-

Vidmate app has a clean and easy to understand interface. There are no bloatwares or gimmicks associated with VidMate. The home-screen is a cascade of all the popular websites like – YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and many more. The app has the iconic red and white YouTube-like look that feels amazing to look at. Below the topmost search bar, there are five sub-menus viz. top websites, top content, music, categories and apps. The ‘top content’ menu features all the popular (and trending) videos from around the world. You can either stream it online (for free), or download it on your device. The ‘music’ menu contains music videos from around the world. The ‘categories’ menu has video categories belonging to all the popular genres. Finally, comes the ‘apps’ menu that contains all the apps from around the world (for free).

Downloading videos is a very easy process. Simply access the website from the browser and the download option will get highlighted. After that, select the video quality of your choice and you are good to go. Apart from all that, you can also download the audio file (MP3 or AAC). Videos and audios do not take time to download on the VidMate app. Download VidMate app online and start downloading online videos for free.

VidMate App – Conclusion-

VidMate is a great app with which you will be able to download online videos for free. It is very small in size and thus, it works really well on every device. VidMate app is free of cost and there are no in-app charges as well. Users can download videos from a lot of websites with this app. It is free from bugs and malicious viruses that slow down the device and cause the app to crash. You get great download speed with this app and no need to worry about losing your internet data. VidMate uses an advanced data compression technique that provides the best video quality with the least data consumption. Download this app today and start downloading online videos for free.

VidMate has a huge collection of online videos and movies. You have the option of either streaming it online or downloading it for later viewing. The interface is very user-friendly that makes it easier for people to use and understand it. Videos can be downloaded in a number of quality and file types. It is undoubtedly the best video downloading app out there, with over hundreds of features. It is compatible with a lot of devices and it is also very light on the battery. If you have limited storage space on your device, you can download video in low quality with VidMate app. Moreover, you can also use this app on your Windows device. All it requires is an Android emulator and VidMate APK. Download VidMate app online to find out more.

Download Vidmate App

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