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Those of you who own smartphones, tablets or laptops, you all must have internet access. Internet is the need of the time as it helps us in connecting to the outside world. Talking about connecting to the outside world, there is YouTube. YouTube has more than a million videos in its database and every single minute, more than 100 videos get uploaded to its database. VidMate is that app that lets users download these videos for free. Basically, VidMate app is a video downloading / streaming app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It is free to use and to download and you can download millions and millions of videos, movies and shows with it. If there is a video on the internet, you can download it with VidMate (for free). It is just amazing when it comes to video downloading. So many features in such a small sized app? Difficult to swallow, but it is the truth.

Talking about the interface, then VidMate app has a very clean interface. This means that there are practically no bugs or bloatwares in the app. Due to the lack of these obstructions and malicious programs, this app runs pretty nicely on every single device. This is the sole reason that VidMate app does not lag, crash or even freeze. You can download full sized movies (in HD quality) with this app. This includes the subtitles and even dual-channel audio. If you want unlimited access to television shows and even stream live TV, this is the perfect app for you. All of the popular VoD services have been put to shame with the release of VidMate. Now, you can even download content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and even from other popular services for free. Thus, if you want to enjoy your favourite television shows perform VidMate download today.

Installing VidMate v3.34 on Android and Windows

Unlike downloading your conventional apps, the process of downloading and installing VidMate is slightly different. Over here, you will have to have knowledge about sideloading. It is a process that is used to install third-party apps and games on smartphones and tablets. Thus, it is also a very similar technique that is used for the apps and games. In order to install VidMate app on Android, do the following steps.

  • Download the APK file online (that is for free).
  • When it gets saved on your device, put your device on Airplane Mode.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. Once you enable this feature, you will be able to perform sideloading.
  • After that with the help of a file manager app open the APK file and install it.
  • Disable the Airplane Mode and done.

For those of you who want to install VidMate download on Windows devices, you too will have to download the APK file. Once the APK file gets installed, you need to download BlueStacks.

  • Open BlueStacks and go to Install APK option.
  • Browse and select the VidMate APK file and it will get installed.

VidMate Download

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